Rihanna has won “Shoe Of The Year” at the 30th FN Achievement award. As she delivers her speech her clothing line Fenty is shown and we admire her blacked out outfit and flawless make-up. She expresses her gratitude for the award and her support from both her team and fans. Rihanna talks about where the idea came from and her collaboration with Puma. We look forward to whats to come and whether the brand can maintain the number one spot next year. 

Congratulations Rihanna and Puma x



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The reality shows fans went berserk with reports that Keeping Up With The Kardashians had halted production. It’s been confirmed that the show will continue filming and will air on E! following Kanye’s hospitalisation. 

Prayers to Kanye and we look forward to keeping up with the Kardashians in the near future. We will continue to keep you updated on all things KUWTK

REACTION: Bruno Mars album: “24k Magic”

Bruno Mars... The King of Funk/RnB, and making us all feel good through his 80s and 90s inspired tracks. Bruno Mars is yet another artist who’s project you can listen to the whole way through without having to skip past a track. Bruno Mars draws inspiration in his album “24k Magic” from artists such as Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, New Edition, Bobby Brown, Jodeci… Bruno seems to put his own twist on the tracks keeping them relevant today. But can we talk on Halle Berry being in “calling all my lovelies”, not only does the song make me feel some type of way but he features one of the hottest women alive. My personal favourites from the album include “24k Magic” of course… I could listen to that song all day long. But the song “Finesse” makes me wanna dance like Bobby Brown in that video or R.Kelly in vibe. This is the type of music (I think I can talk on behalf of everyone) that we wanna hear on the radio all day long. Bruno mars definitely deserves to be top of the charts and in the same realm as icons such as Michael Jackson and Keith sweat. All hail Bruno Mars and his incredible album! I wish nothing but greatness for Bruno and his music. Let’s get real artists to the top of the charts like Bruno!!!



Kehlani yesterday released the title to her up and coming album following her hit EP “You Should Be Here“. The title is (drum roll) ” Sweet Sexy Savage”. Inspired by TLCsCrazy Sexy Cool”, we wonder what other artists have inspired the album lyrically and conceptually. I don’t know about all of you but I’m excited about this album. The little snippets we have heard of it on Kehlanis Snapchat and Instagram has left all her fans anticipating the greatness we know is about to drop. First the hints of the tracks, now the album title… I’m keeping my eyes pealed for the release date. Continue to keep up to date with Kehlani on her Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. We`ll definitely keep you updated on all things Kehlani and her rise from underground artists into main stream, top of the charts artist. Wishing nothing but the best for our personal favourite Kehlani!

KANYE POSTS ON INSTAGRAM… leaving us all confused! 


Can we please speak on why Kanye West is posting an image every 10 seconds… The images seem to have an 80s influence through the clothes and styles of the models; and have similarities es to his past collections. Could this been the preview of his new collection. Kanye has left everyone stunned, confused and excited! The rapper has previously not been active on Instagram, which made us question whether the Instagram was real or fake despite its verification. Whilst we are all saddened by the absence of his wife, Kim Kardashian West on social media… we look forward to seeing what Kanye has to bring to the Instagram platform. I wish Kanye all the best and hope this is the start of the new season of Yeezy. I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes pealed for what all the images are for. Why they’re being posted in such a hasty fashion ? And whether this is the start of Kanye’s rise to Instagram!

REACTION: Big Sean and Jhene Aiko announce the release of ‘Twenty88’ next year


It was announced yesterday that Jhene Aiko and Big Sean will be releasing another Twenty88 album next year and I literally screamed with excitement. When either artist releases a solo album or project I’m always excited, I just can’t wait to see what direction they go in following their last joint album. The previous album followed a futuristic yet old school 80s theme, with essences of the black panther movement, celebrity appearances and of course Jhene’s iconic orange wig. Musically, it told a story of a relationship in the public-eye and the effects it can have on a relationship you thought was strong and complete. They manage to mix Jhene’s relaxed chill vibes and Big Sean’s hip hop feel, both have lyrical talents and express different perspectives of the characters they play in each of the songs. Lyrically, they touch upon all aspects of the feelings and emotions one would go through in their situations and give us catchy, memorable lyrics that nearly everyone can identify with. At the end of the last album we were left with the idea that love in the public eye will inevitably come to a tragic end. With the removal of both the characters we are left wondering how, both Jhene Aiko and Big Sean will incorporate themselves in the next visual. Will it follow a similar theme? Or will they explore another side to a relationship? I’m so intrigued by what’s to come and wish nothing but success to them both musically and personally.

Kehlani on “CRZY” and “DISTRACTION”

The “You Should Be Here” star strikes again with her timeless hit “CRZY” followed by “Distraction” a week later – both showcasing Kehlani’s ability to experiment lyrically and conceptually. An aspect in which I feel is missing from many artists in the charts. The song “CRZY” seems to be the artists release of emotion from her experiences from the past couple of years. It reminds us that we can all “go CRZY” at some points in our lives yet informs us that we can overcome any obstacles, much like Kehlani has repeatedly done throughout her career. This is definitely a song for the club, to be blared out of cars and to be kept on repeat. When listening to “Distraction” you cant help but notice a parallel to the Aaliyah hit “One in a million” through Kehlani’s arrangement of her melody. Whilst the artist draws on inspiration from artists before her, she is still very much her own artist through her style and attitude within her lyrics. Lyrically you could infer “distraction” is about a friends with benefits type of relationship with no strings attached. She dives into the idea of the struggles of dealing with a relationship whilst maintaining a busy and always on the move lifestyle. Both songs give us just another dimension into the artists collection of lyrical styles allowing fans to relate to similar experiences and issues. Both songs are a perfect way of transitioning from the stars mixtape into a first album and remains to keep us gripped to see what comes next. Whilst the star may still be considered an underground artist, she continues to elevate her platform and inflict a positive influence onto her fans. For a star who had come from American Idol to struggling in her teen years into a blossoming spiritual flower, I applaud her resilience, her strength and her movement (TSNMI). I along with the rest of fans will be smoking another blunt waiting for her first album to drop SSS.

Check out Kehlani “CRZY” and “Distraction” below: