Kehlani on “CRZY” and “DISTRACTION”

The “You Should Be Here” star strikes again with her timeless hit “CRZY” followed by “Distraction” a week later – both showcasing Kehlani’s ability to experiment lyrically and conceptually. An aspect in which I feel is missing from many artists in the charts. The song “CRZY” seems to be the artists release of emotion from her experiences from the past couple of years. It reminds us that we can all “go CRZY” at some points in our lives yet informs us that we can overcome any obstacles, much like Kehlani has repeatedly done throughout her career. This is definitely a song for the club, to be blared out of cars and to be kept on repeat. When listening to “Distraction” you cant help but notice a parallel to the Aaliyah hit “One in a million” through Kehlani’s arrangement of her melody. Whilst the artist draws on inspiration from artists before her, she is still very much her own artist through her style and attitude within her lyrics. Lyrically you could infer “distraction” is about a friends with benefits type of relationship with no strings attached. She dives into the idea of the struggles of dealing with a relationship whilst maintaining a busy and always on the move lifestyle. Both songs give us just another dimension into the artists collection of lyrical styles allowing fans to relate to similar experiences and issues. Both songs are a perfect way of transitioning from the stars mixtape into a first album and remains to keep us gripped to see what comes next. Whilst the star may still be considered an underground artist, she continues to elevate her platform and inflict a positive influence onto her fans. For a star who had come from American Idol to struggling in her teen years into a blossoming spiritual flower, I applaud her resilience, her strength and her movement (TSNMI). I along with the rest of fans will be smoking another blunt waiting for her first album to drop SSS.

Check out Kehlani “CRZY” and “Distraction” below:




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