REACTION: Bruno Mars album: “24k Magic”

Bruno Mars... The King of Funk/RnB, and making us all feel good through his 80s and 90s inspired tracks. Bruno Mars is yet another artist who’s project you can listen to the whole way through without having to skip past a track. Bruno Mars draws inspiration in his album “24k Magic” from artists such as Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, New Edition, Bobby Brown, Jodeci… Bruno seems to put his own twist on the tracks keeping them relevant today. But can we talk on Halle Berry being in “calling all my lovelies”, not only does the song make me feel some type of way but he features one of the hottest women alive. My personal favourites from the album include “24k Magic” of course… I could listen to that song all day long. But the song “Finesse” makes me wanna dance like Bobby Brown in that video or R.Kelly in vibe. This is the type of music (I think I can talk on behalf of everyone) that we wanna hear on the radio all day long. Bruno mars definitely deserves to be top of the charts and in the same realm as icons such as Michael Jackson and Keith sweat. All hail Bruno Mars and his incredible album! I wish nothing but greatness for Bruno and his music. Let’s get real artists to the top of the charts like Bruno!!!


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