Syd, best known for her vocals as the front-women of the group The Internet with hits such as “Girl” and “Get Away” releases her first solo project titled “FIN”. It is rare that you find a talented artist that has a project that is quality, full sounding and meaningful. Syd seems to capture all of this but most importantly the essence of a classic album, that allows listeners to listen to every song back to back without skipping a track. “FIN” is one of those albums that you have to listen to more than once to capture it’s wholeness and rawness. The album has a sexual feel, felt through Syd’s soft vocals yet she contrasts this with her hard hitting lyrics and punchlines. If that wasn’t enough, the titles of her tracks are enough to intrigue you into listening “All About Me”, “Drown In It” and “Insecurities”. Most of the tracks on the album capture a chilled, relaxed vibe; from this project, you can draw connections between a Jazz, Soul and R&B influences giving her an edge and yet another dimension. The album “FIN” is currently at the number 12 spot on iTunes in the UK. Be sure to download and buy this album available on all outlets including Apple music, Spotify, and Itunes.

“Know” and “Smile More” are definitely to the hottest songs of the week that you should go listen to.
Congratulations Syd on your first solo album!