REACTION: Big Sean and Jhene Aiko announce the release of ‘Twenty88’ next year


It was announced yesterday that Jhene Aiko and Big Sean will be releasing another Twenty88 album next year and I literally screamed with excitement. When either artist releases a solo album or project I’m always excited, I just can’t wait to see what direction they go in following their last joint album. The previous album followed a futuristic yet old school 80s theme, with essences of the black panther movement, celebrity appearances and of course Jhene’s iconic orange wig. Musically, it told a story of a relationship in the public-eye and the effects it can have on a relationship you thought was strong and complete. They manage to mix Jhene’s relaxed chill vibes and Big Sean’s hip hop feel, both have lyrical talents and express different perspectives of the characters they play in each of the songs. Lyrically, they touch upon all aspects of the feelings and emotions one would go through in their situations and give us catchy, memorable lyrics that nearly everyone can identify with. At the end of the last album we were left with the idea that love in the public eye will inevitably come to a tragic end. With the removal of both the characters we are left wondering how, both Jhene Aiko and Big Sean will incorporate themselves in the next visual. Will it follow a similar theme? Or will they explore another side to a relationship? I’m so intrigued by what’s to come and wish nothing but success to them both musically and personally.