Both Little Simz and Kehlani bring a lot to the music “Table”. The duo sampled SWVs “Use Your Heart” and created a hit! The video is set in North London streets and showcases British culture, staring  Kehlani, Little Simz  and their friends. It shows both artists funny, quirky sides and presents both Kehlani and Little Simz lyrically and visually. The rest of the footage was shot at Kehlanis TSNMI-XMAS concert where the duo first performed the song. The visual is simple yet so rich with why we love both artists. Both Kehlani and Little Simz wear the clothing brand “kids of immigrants” ,which i am excited to see grow and develop in 2017. The footage, directed by David Camarena seems to have a realistic feel and shows us fans behind the scenes of Kehlani and Little Simz in London. Both artists are at the top of their game… Kehlani in the song sings with such flow that you could place her on a similar level to some rappers; whilst Little Simz remains one of the best female rappers in London. There are no words for the creativity and the “real” that this song and visual presents. Along with the vibe that keeps me and others putting this song on repeat. I like many would love to know where the concept for the song came from, how the collaboration came about and whether there will be future collaborations in 2017. We all can’t wait to see what more they both have to bring to the “Table” “SSS” in 2017.

I will continue to bring you all updates on Kehlani and Little Simz on LUCAS BRAD and wish nothing but success and happiness for both in 2017. x




Kehlani yesterday released the artwork to her up and coming album ‘SWEETSEXYSAVAGE.’ The highly anticipated album is set to be released in January next year and has everyone on the edge of their seats unaware of what to expect. Kehlani recently performed in London for TSNMI xmas where she showcased all her hits sporting the brand kids of immigrants. Along with a range of familiar faces she had up and around the stage including Lil Simz.  Yesterday a select few were lucky enough to have been invited to her listening party in London; I can only imagine the buzz and vibe in the room. I along with the rest of the TSNMI MOB await the debut album set to be listened to on repeat.

Nothing but greatness to come from her SSS.